Terms of Payment

Tax Preparation and Consultation

All invoices for Tax Preparation and Consultation are due and payable upon receipt from GSFS, Inc. Invoices for these services are created at the conclusion of our work. Prepayment or retainer prior to our work is acceptable under contractual basis.

Prepayment can qualify the client for discount (explained under the GSFS, Inc. Terms of Engagement and provided each year via the box.com portal). Nevertheless, with the exception of participation in the GSFS, Inc. Prepayment Discount Program, you understand GSFS, Inc. requires all tax preparation invoices to be satisfied prior to the return(s) release. Likewise, you understand this settlement must occur regardless of any approaching – near term – filing deadline.

Other than the contractual Prepayment Discount Program, invoice balances due are subject to a minimum late penalty of $35.00 (USD) beginning on the 31st day after date of invoice. In addition, a finance charge of 12.00% (APR) will be applied to the total balance due each 30 day period beginning on the 61st day after date of invoice.

Unless otherwise agreed to between GSFS, Inc. and you, the client, we will either sell your invoice or engage professional collection services for the remaining balance due on your invoice beginning the 61st day past the invoice date when such invoice has not been satisfied in whole.

Failure to completely satisfy any outstanding invoice is grounds for denial of future services. The same failure may require GSFS, Inc. to report your applicable tax return as being “falsely” or “fraudulently” filed under Internal Revenue Service regulations.

Publications and Documents

At this time Views From The Zacchaeus Seat, Clergy Compensation Forms & Resolutions, multiple Tax Organizers, and various other tax preparation items are provided as a value added service to tax preparation and consultation clients of GSFS, Inc.


A $25 processing fee will be charged for each registration cancellation prior to the event or class. Other than the processing fee, Continuing Professional Education tuition is refundable up to 10 days before a scheduled event or class.

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