Services Offered

Tax Preparation

GSFS prepares tax returns for individuals, estates, partnerships and non-profit entities. Our clients serve in the various business, government, medical, military, performing arts, public safety, religious, and teaching professions. We currently have individual clients domiciled in twenty-nine states and five countries. Our clergy clients are ordained by ten major denominations.

Tax Consultation

GSFS is a leading authority on taxation, pension planning and Social Security exemption for clergy. We are frequently asked to assist Attorneys, CPAs, EAs, Payroll Firms, and Church Leaders with compensation, payroll and fringe benefit issues for the employees of various churches and non-profit entities.  GSFS clients have been the subject of a successful and major IRS Letter Ruling concerning a clergy tax matter.

Publications & Documents

GSFS tweets a comment service entitled Views From The Zacchaeus Seat via @ViewsFromZSeat via Twitter. ZSeat is distributed on an irregular basis, is adult-education styled, and is intentional in faith development toward better fiscal stewardship. Subscription is voluntary. Use the “follow” button to subscribe.

Since 1994 over 36,000 churches have successfully used reimbursable business expense documents created for a major denomination by GSFS. Recently, our call to assist clergy with their tax matters has expanded. We are now using our experience in forms creation with Conquer The Code, LLC to develop a major tool named ∑umƒorms™. This tool assists tax professionals in their pursuit of excellence. ∑umƒorms™ is diarthrosis in concept with the synergistic involvement of multiple well known practitioners to make the product the best available to the tax accounting profession. As a result, more tax professionals will be instructed into proper completion of clergy tax returns and clergy tax issues.


Tax seminars for clergy or employees of non-profit institutions are available for sponsorship. Ethics, Tax Practitioner Compliance, Registered Tax Return Preparer Examination Preparation and, Clergy tax issues for Continuing Professional Education Seminars are available upon request for Attorneys, CPAs, Enrolled Agents, the Un-enrolled and government taxing authorities.

Symbiotic Services

In addition to services listed above, various complementary financial services are available through Gregg E. Graening, LUTCF. All are symbiotically linked and require team work to enhance the client’s overall stewardship strategy.

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