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Why Do Clergy & Non-Profit Employees Need A Specialized Tax Accountant?

Individuals employed by the non-profit sector (especially the Church) are few in number compared to other occupations. Consequently, few that work for the IRS, the various State/Local Departments of Revenue, and the tax accounting/software vocations really understand various applications that exist between non-profit institution polity/procedure and the taxation of employee compensation as it relates to those procedures.

Subsequently, we have observed:

  • Incorrect Form W-2s
  • Church Employers Failing To File Quarterly Form 941 or Annual Form 944
  • Incorrect Tax software and Tax Software Without Correct Clergy Worksheets
  • Incorrect Compensation Planning
  • Incorrect Retirement Planning
  • Lost Exclusions, Tax Credits and Deductions
  • Many other scenarios too numerous to mention

What Makes GSFS Different From Other Professionals?

We have a collective 57+ years of experience focused on serving individuals employed by the Church and other non-profit organizations. We do travel from time to time to facilitate better personal relationships with our clients. Our client base includes individuals and institutions located in 26 states and 4 countries.

In addition to tax accounting, through Gregg E. Graening, LUTCF, various complementary financial services are offered. All are symbiotically linked and require team work to enhance the client’s overall stewardship strategy.

How Can You Get Started With GSFS?

First, read our Prospective Client Letter and then call to discuss your tax preparation needs with Gregg or Debbie. You can make an appointment with the “Send A Message” tool (under “Contact”) or by email too.

Remember, we do not consider your tax return a “fill-in-the-blank” project. It is a “stewardship challenge.” Therefore, we can best explain our tax preparation “system” plus give you an estimate of our pricing and discounts after a discussion of your facts, circumstances and a review of your previous tax return(s). Third party referrals are available upon request.

Calling us is but a small step of faith toward the reality of better stewardship.

Our Information

Mailing: GSFS, Inc. – PO Box 340 – Hillview, KY 40129-0340
Voice: (502) 500 – 1001

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