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GSFS Inc Recommends BOX DRIVE

“Box Drive” is now available. GSFS encourages you to watch the video about Box Drive┬áhere. You do NOT need to subscribe to Box or Box Drive to use our shared folders.

Download Box Drive here. Windows 10 users will need to know if their system is 32 or 64 bit. Follow the installation instructions. IF you have trouble locating the Box Drive after any restart or ordinary boot, press these keys (Shift + Ctrl + Alt + B) to activate the link between your computer/device and the Box servers. Use the gear icon in the upper left corner to open Box Drive (a.k.a. Open Box Folder).

Getting Started with Box Drive: Link Here


1) AFTER all files have properly synced back to the Box servers (to avoid loss of content) uninstall the “Box Sync” program from your computer or device.

2) Uninstall all Box Sync associated personal files and GSFS shared files on your local computer or device BEFORE installing Box Drive.

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