About GSFS Inc Logos

1989 – First logo developed for the incorporation of Good Steward Financial Services, Inc. It was professionally developed by the daughter of a client. Our corporate seal still uses this logo. Our corporate name, by the way, was first suggested by an employee.

After our corporate name was decided upon, we registered with the Kentucky Secretary of State. As it turned out, our corporate name was too long to fit the allowed computer space. The KY SOS office called and requested we use a Service Mark to shorten our name. Thus, “GSFS, Inc.” and the need for a corporate logo was born.

1999 – Second logo developed by Debbie Graening to strategically symbolize, with simplicity, the coming changes in technology affecting our practice. Debbie had never envisioned herself to have much drawing creativity. Almost by accident while playing with Microsoft Paint and a mouse, Debbie quickly drew the Koine Greek “Ichthys” fish that became our mainstay logo for the next 13 years. For that moment we give “The Almighty” credit.

2008 – Third Logo developed by Gayle Graening at gg3 productions of Nashville, Tennesse to symbolize the need to waste not, want not in times of challenged stewardship for growth and hope. This logo creation was begun before the “Great Recession” began in September of 2008. We commenced using it in late 2010 when it became obvious that perilous times would continue in the realm of what was known as “normal” stewardship practice. In short, we believe St. Peter would never had let a good God provided fish go to waste!

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